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Tox (commonly called by the brand BoTox) includes a number of different brand names such as Jeuveau, Dysport, and Xeomin (to name just a few), all of which with their own superpowers. Some give stronger results than others. Some last longer. Some kick in faster. Some have different molecular sizes. All of them perform a common action, they inhibit muscles and rewind/prevent aging.

When they inhibit these muscles, those lines dull out and the wrinkles vanish! That is why tox is so popular and important in reducing facial skin aging. The longer you wait to start using tox, the more crevasses form. The deeper the lines and crevasses, the more lasers and filler are needed to correct it. Start earlier than later. You won’t regret it!


Filler is a valuable tool we use for filling the contour and lost volume of our faces from aging. After we hit 20 years of age, our bone density and facial volume depletes by 1% each year. This means by the time you are 40, you have lost 20% of your cheek pads and 20% of your cheek bone volume.

Filler can be used for so many things, and not just the cheeks. A talented injector can do phenomenal work to plump the lips, lift the cheeks, rid of jowls, clear under-eye bags, ride of skin dimpling, and can even be used to give the skin a glow (yes, actually clear up complexion)! Sometimes in the hands to hide veins, or other areas as you and your injector determine is best for your needs. Consult with one of our injectors to build your custom plan. Because you’re worth it!

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It is normal for our skin to become more empty and thin as we age. Our cheek and jaw bone density declines by 1% yearly after the age of 20, and so does our tissue density. Versa introduces hyaluronic acid filler to provide a medium-hold to your bones and skin.

Sometimes it is hard to know just which filler you want, and that is where Versa comes in. Great at treating a variety of areas with fabulous results!

As our skin ages, the collagen network breaks down and loses volume. Most other fillers on the market improve this by placing volume that slowly degrades over time. Radiesse gives a bio-stimulating approach to building the connective tissue. It stimulates the body to reproduce it’s own collage and elastin.