Laser Hair Removal

DioLaze XL

Laser Hair Removal

The DioLazeXL is best of the class in laser hair removal. Quicker sessions, less number of treatments, longer-lasting results than any other laser on the market. And to top that off, this particular lasers’ technology makes treatments profoundly less painful than any other device on the market.

Whether you are treating your legs, underarms, brazilian, or if you just want it all gone, the DioLazeXL is the device you have been searching for.

The DioLazeXL is different than every other laser on the market and has the data to support its superiority. As the laser is designed to target deeper hair follicles, it needs superficial skin cooling. Most lasers use air chilling to cool the skin, and as cold as it may feel, the science shows that it doesn’t adequately cool the skin enough to properly prevent skin damage. The DioLazeXL uses a diode laser with an integrated cooling element. This not only makes the treatments more comfortable, but also reduces downtime and skin damage.

The DioLazeXL is the next level in skincare and at TruHealth Clinic + MedSpa, your skin matters! Have pride in your body and get rid of that unwanted hair forever. No more razors, because you’re worth it!

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