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Cannabis is one of many options to help with a variety of conditions. Some clinics build their system as a revolving door that offers cards to clients. At TruHealth, we help you get to your true health potential. If there are other options for optimal healthcare, we will lead you to those.  

We offer consultations to those considering cannabis. We can help you determine what options are your friend and if there are any other avenues you should consider. We are here for you, through thick and thin. Even after your consultation with us, we want to hear from you for all of your healthcare needs. Helping you avoid big pharma. Because You’re Worth It!

Benefits of medical cannabis

chronic pain

Medical Cannabis Pricing

Green Consultation

These prices are available to any of the public, which is at least 21 years of age, which is suffering from one of the state-approved indications.For questions about the indications you may call us or visit the state website (EVS.Utah.Gov).

New Consultation $185

Follow-Up Consultation $150

Under 21 Consultations

The state requires a significant amount more work for these patients. They utilize what is called “The Compassionate Use Board” (CUB) to approve your cannabis card. Because of this application, it takes more than just one visit with our team to build your file. The first visit will consist of acquiring all of the paperwork that you have, letters of recommendation, forms, etc. We will put together the application after you leave the office. You will be required to return for at least one office visit thereafter, at least 1 week later. At that time, the application will be reviewed with you to verify correct detailing and wording. It is not until both of us are satisfied with the application that it will be submitted. This is a process that we have built to ensure you the best care.

$185+ per Consultation

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