Lumecca IPL Rejuvenation

Lumecca IPL

The Lumecca is best of the class in photorejuvenation. This Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) boasts 40% increased strength over any other on the market. For you that means less treatments and better results than you will find elsewhere.

The Lumecca can be used on the face, chest, hands, or anywhere that your skin is photodamaged and aging. It will remove those age spots, the spider veins, and the rosacea (Yes, rosacea!) quicker and more permanently than all others in the region. All of that skin damage from sunbathing, all of the harm that came from the days of tanning with baby oil can be reversed with the Lumecca. The Lumecca should be the foundation of any skincare regimen!

The Lumecca is targets skin pigment that is typically the result from poor skincare. Some of these lesions are more obvious than others, and often we call these pigmented spots “freckles,” which makes them sound more benign than they actually are. Those spots are from sun damage and we can guarantee that you will notice a sizeable difference after the series. It’ll leave you asking why you waited so long to do the treatments.

I would recommend doing a series of treatments to get the skin to its new heavenly baseline, then keep it there with regular treatments and a healthy dose of quality skincare. There may be other aspects of your regimen that should be incorporated, but the foundation of most facial care is IPL. It’s your turn for the best... Because you’re worth it!

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