Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine therapy

Meet the master at helping with depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Frequently also used for managing chronic pain, in order to avoid opioids. Ketamine is a new form of medicine, using psychedelic effects to reprogram the brain.

When these mental health conditions build over our lives, we program ruts into our neural network (brain). These ruts become deep and often impossible to avoid and leads to an endless cycle of the above. Ketamine breaks these down and aids in reprogramming the highways of the brain. More effective than SSRIs, supplements, and all big pharma. Because You’re Worth It!

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There are so many ways to go about treating with Ketamine. These will be sorted out in your consultation prior to receiving treatments. It is required to meet with a provider at a visit prior to your treatment session. They will discuss your status and lay out options in management. From there you will schedule your first session at TruHealth.

Our standard approach would involve you seated in a reclining chair in your own room. We do offer group therapy sessions with ketamine, but these are not held in our clinic (if interested, please inquire of our staff for more information). You should come with headphones, a playlist of music, your blanket, and an open mind. Your session will end after about 2 hours, and you will need a ride home after your appointment. Recommended to have treatments 1-2 times weekly for at least 6 sessions.

Benefits of Ketamine Therapy

chronic pain
suicidal thoughts

Who is a Good Candidate for Ketamine Therapy?

While ketamine therapy can be beneficial for many individuals struggling with mental health conditions, it is not suitable for everyone. A good candidate for this treatment may have:

  • Treatment-resistant depression or other mental health conditions
  • Tried traditional treatments without success
  • No history of substance abuse or addiction
  • No underlying medical conditions that may interact with ketamine
  • A willingness to engage in therapy alongside the medication-assisted treatment

Ketamine Therapy Pricing

Ketamine Consultation

We do require a consultation visit prior to initiating ketamine as well as immediately after a round of ketamine. These give us the opportunity to assess your individual needs and aid you toward those. In some situations we may prescribe ketamine for you to use in your home.

$100 per Consultation

Single Patient

The standard in managing your depression, PTSD, or Anxiety. You get your own room, no other distractions and close monitoring by your care team. Required to do 6 sessions up front, more as needed. Can be purchased in bundles of 3.

3 Sessions Intramuscular $750

3 Sessions Intravenous $825

Group Therapy

This is reserved for doing group counseling or other therapy sessions organized by TruHealth. We will not host parties with ketamine, and will not cater this on demand. For more information on these, contact us.

3 Sessions Intramuscular (price variable)

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