TED Hair Restoration

TED Hair Restoration

Your hair will thin as you age, no matter how thick it is or was. The TED can rewind that on most of us, that means it likely can help YOU! It is painless and will increase hair density +44% in just 6 months, after only 3 treatments. These are REAL numbers from REAL patients in REAL studies. Objective numbers from data and not just subjective judgement from a before/after compilation. Your hair color doesn’t matter like it might for lasers or IPL, as long as you still have hair follicles, it will work for you!

The TED is non-invasive and completely painless; if anything, it is relaxing. When you get treated with the TED, you start a journey of feeling like yourself again. You don’t have to give into the aging process, you have the opportunity to fight back and retain your vibrant, youthful hair volume.

The TED uses low frequency ultrasound technology to do two things: It microscopically loosens the superficial skin layers and then delivers exosome medication to the hair follicles. It creates powerful and painless bubbles that transport the medication through a process called cavitation. This cavitation is the secret behind the TED. The TED boasts an average improvement rate of +44% more hair density after 3 treatments.

Although hair loss may be normal with aging, it is also important to look at other causes such as medical conditions or hormonal fluctuations. This is why at TruHealth we look at individuals wholistically and holistically. We want to help you fix your concerns from the roots, not just a quick, but temporary fix. Because you’re worth it!

TED Hair Restoration Treats

reduce shedding
increase volume
stimulate growth

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